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Even More Important to Have Plan B

I spoke to a headhunter, a veteran of the industry, last week and was told the job market is still very bad. Any opportunities that do exist in the quant field — which has now been redefined as predominantly quant development — require … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Class vs. Object

Sample Question #310 (C++ programming)   [This is a classic. I’ve been asked on more than one occasion]   Tell me the difference between a class and an object. At compile time, what happens when the C++ compiler encounters a … Continue reading

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Beware of Job Listing Scams

Bad economy brings out bad behavior in terms of people trying to get at your money, and in this terrible job market, scams abound. Here are a couple to watch out for.   1. Beware of job listings that ask … Continue reading

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Update Resumed!

Ok, I know I’ve been away for a long time (eight months!). I was real busy with other things, and my health has been rather poor. The latter situation has not improved, but at least I’m not as busy as … Continue reading

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