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Interview Question: Encapsulated Concept

Sample Question #277 (programming – OOP)   Explain what encapsulation is and why it’s so important. Advertisements

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Jobseeker’s Deal: Laptop for $499

If you’re looking to buy a cheap (but good-quality) laptop here’s a deal for you. Fujitsu USA has a refurbished 6.5-lb. laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo (1.5Ghz) processor, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB SATA hard drive, DVD burner, and … Continue reading

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Announcement: New Book on Quant Interview Questions!

Nope, I didn’t write this one, but my friend Xinfeng Zhou, Ph.D., CFA, FRM, a quant strategist at a top investment bank (his firm has asked him not to associate the firm’s name with the book), has written a very good guide … Continue reading

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Gimme a Break!

Job interviews are always stressful (unless you are the offspring of the firm’s chairperson or CEO), and the stress level doubles when you meet an uncooperative interviewer. You know, the hostile types that are either sulky and trying to pierce … Continue reading

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Truth or Dare

A typical quant job interview is not unlike a Truth or Dare type of game: you either have to divulge every little detail of your educational and professional background ("Truth"), or have to answer some technical questions only a crazy … Continue reading

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Reader Sharing Interview Experience

A spirited reader from NY shares her winter interview experience. Amid the tough job market conditions, her perseverence finally paid off: Just some update about my job search. I got an offer in portfolio risk management from a [Wall Street … Continue reading

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Slow Updates on Blog

A number of readers and visitors have written me to inquire about the infrequent updates to my blog these days. Well, I’ve been very busy at my full-time job, plus it’s difficult to access the Internet from work, so I … Continue reading

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