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Interview Question: Getting Even with Coin Tosses

Sample Question #265 (probability brainteaser)   Consider a coin with the probability of getting heads being p, where p>=0.5. You toss the coin and get a tails on the first toss.   1) What is the expected number of tosses … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Stingy on Spacing!

Received a resume today from a guy in a top physics Ph.D. program in the U.S. The one-page resume was typed in an 8- or 9-point sarif font and there was little space between letters, words or lines. I got … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Like Symmetry

Sample Question #264 (statistics)   Show that Var(x)=Var(1-x).

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Recession in Financial Job Market

The fast deteriorating conditions in the financial markets worldwide have made the financial job market tough, too. From what I’ve heard from job seekers and headhunters, this winter is becoming one of the most difficult job hunting seasons in recent … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Shuffling Cards

Sample Question #263 (mathematical statistics)   You’re given B blue cards and R red cards. How many ways are there in total to shuffle these cards?   In other words, how many combinations of the blue and red cards are … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Socks

Sample Question #262 (brainteaser)   [This is a classic brainteaser question]   You get up in the wee hours of the morning and it’s still dark outside. You’re too lazy to turn on the lights and you can’t see a … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Asset Allocation

Sample Question #261 (applied math – optimization with constraints)   You have 30 assets you need to allocate into a portfolio. You’re given the expected returns of the 30 assets as well as the 30×30 covariance matrix. You’re told to … Continue reading

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