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Free Online Lectures for Future Quants

MIT has a project called OpenCourseWare which aims to put most (maybe all) of the school’s lectures online, for free. The following URL links to their business school’s online video courses; many of these courses are quite relevant to a … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and warm holiday season!

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Interview Question: Optimal Card Playing

Sample Question #250 (statistics – probability) I have a well-shuffled deck of n red cards and n black cards, all facing down. I let you draw one card at a time. If you draw a black card, I pay you … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Playing Dice

Sample Question #249 (probability)   How many times do you need to throw a fair die so you get a 50% chance of seeing at least one "1"?

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Dress Code

A question I’m often asked is: "If the group I’m interviewing with has a casual dress code policy, and I hear they all wear jeans and sneakers, should I still dress up for my interview?"   The answer is yes, … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Do You Remember This?

Sample Question #248 (mathematics – geometry)   Wow, dude, you have a Ph.D. in math! Do me a favor, will you? My 10-year-old son was asking me this question last night but I couldn’t work it out.   A circle … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Seasons’ Curse

Sample Question #247 (econometrics)   In macroeconomic modeling researchers are always concerned with seasonality. How do you account for seasonality in an OLS framework?

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