Even More Important to Have Plan B

I spoke to a headhunter, a veteran of the industry, last week and was told the job market is still very bad. Any opportunities that do exist in the quant field — which has now been redefined as predominantly quant development — require strong C++ skills.
If you plan to switch into quant finance, it’s ever more important to have a Plan B, i.e., what if you can’t find a quant job (e.g., you just can’t make yourself like C++). If you’re still in school, consider having a Plan C as well, just in case. In New York, for example, teachers are still in a shortage — and I remember a few successful Wall Street big stars who started out as high school teachers! Or consider other geographic locations like London or Germany or Hong Kong, with stronger financial job markets than the U.S.
Anyway, happy holidays and stay healthy!
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