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Interview Question: Drunken Man

Sample Question #289 (stochastics) A drunkard is at the 17th meter of a 100-meter-long bridge. He has a 50% chance of staggering forward or backward one meter each step. What is the probability that he will make it to the … Continue reading

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“Outrageous Resume Lies”

MSN Careers has a humor article on lies on resumes; it’s worth reading. I liked this one: "2. Applicant invented a school that did not exist." It reminded me of a true story I’d heard a long time ago, about … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Convergence Test

Sample Question #288 (mathematics)   I see you have a strong background in math. Let me ask you this: given a series {Xt}, how do you check whether it’s convergent?   [Of course, convergent means as t goes to infinity]

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Interview Question: Random or Not Random

Sample Question #287 (statistics)   [This is a really good advanced question — I was given this when I interviewed at Morgan Stanley]   How do you check whether a random number generator generates truly random numbers?

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Announcement: Blog Comments Disabled

Unfortunately, the flood of blog spamming from Asian spammers continued, so I was forced to disable the blog comment feature. I’ll continue to use the comment section to supply answers and hints for select questions, but visitors can no longer … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Price Movement

Sample Question #286 (finance)   Do you think stock prices follow a normal distribution or lognormal distribution? State justifications for both and tell me why you pick one over the other.

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Changing Landscapes on Wall Street

How interesting. A country that constantly chides other countries for government interference in the market place and that constantly scolds other countries for being corrupt is sparing no taxpayers’ money to rescue financial firms that brought disasters upon themselves. At … Continue reading

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