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Revised Edition of Book Available Now!

I didn’t find out until this morning… but the revised edition of my book became available on last Friday, Nov. 5. If you order it directly from Amazon, it’s eligible for their Amazon Prime shipping as well as their … Continue reading

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Immediate Action: Clean Up Your Online Tracks

In the past I have warned my readers about the perils of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Recent hacks on Facebook drive my points home. The biggest problem is, these sites are very good — too good IMHO … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Badly Formed Data

Sample Question #319 (programming – R) In R (or S-Plus), how do you read in the following data: 1,2 3,4,5,6 7,,8,9,10,11, ,12,13,,,14,N/A (Notice all the irregularities in the input data fields. N/A stands for not available and is to be … Continue reading

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Interview in Native Tongue?

If English is not your mother tongue, you may be wondering that, if you run into a job interviewer who shares the same mother tongue as you, whether you can conduct the interview in your common ancestral language. This is … Continue reading

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Interview Question: Fingering the End

Sample Question #318 (programming – C++) How do you find out if a linked list has an end to it, i.e., not a loop?

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New Edition Coming Soon; E-Book Edition Next Year

Two book-related announcements: The new edition of my book is going through the galley proof stage and will be will soon (in less than 2 weeks) be available on and at other booksellers, in time for students to begin thinking about … Continue reading

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