Spring Cleaning… of the Job Hunting Kind

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and somewhere where there are four distinct seasons, spring is by now in the air. Besides enjoying the springtime weather and outdoor fun, or, like me, hiding indoors and trying to contain the symptoms of hay fever, you should take inventory of your job search process and get a clear idea of what to do in the coming months ahead.

One important thing to remember is, between now and July, many financial firms are looking to hire new workers. Then, when the lazy summer months (again, that’s if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) of July and August hit, a lot of managers will be out of the office, or will simply be too lazy to think aobut hiring. Then, when September comes around, they will be thinking about next year’s budgeting as well as this year’s bonus numbers, so hiring will be slow from mid-July until about mid-October, at which time campus recruiting will be kicking into high gear.

So take heed! Take a moment to think about what you have done so far in the job hunting process. Think about whom you have contacted, who have contacted you back, and who have not. Think about whether you can improve your resume or cover letter. Think about whether there are more contacts you can make. Don’t just sit around and be lazy. Spring makes one want to do nothing all day (whether a result of hay fever or not), but as a job seeker, you cannot afford to do nothing all day.

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