New Edition Coming Soon; E-Book Edition Next Year

Two book-related announcements:

The new edition of my book is going through the galley proof stage and will be will soon (in less than 2 weeks) be available on and at other booksellers, in time for students to begin thinking about their career plans and for full-time workers to think about switching careers. (If you’ve already read my book, you know what the best time for a career-changer to look for a quant job is.) List price is $19.95, but you’ll get discounts online, and the new edition will not only be available online but also in bookstores.

I’m now in the process of converting the book into an e-book edition, to be available on the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Apple iPad, and possibly other e-book devices. The e-edition will be abridged in both content and format, which means the paperback edition is still, by far, the best way to read the book and reference it as you go through your job search process. (For example, the sample resume will not be included in the e-book edition due to the impossibility of formating it correctly to be displayed on an e-book device. Many bullet points formatting will also be lost, and no footnotes will be retained.) E-book pricing is not set at this time.

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