Revised Edition Coming by End of Year

I’m now in the process of revising my book, still the only book devoted to helping the reader get started in the quant finance industry.
Current ETA of the revised edition is before December 2010. I have work as well as another book project, so I’m quite busy. I’ll post an update once the book goes to print.
If you’re considering buying the current (2007) edition, fear not. First, 95% of the contents will be the same. Second, due to increased cost in printing, the revised edition will be priced somewhat higher than the current edition. Final pricing is not set yet — and I really don’t want to see my potential readers, who need to find a job, to pay too much for the book — but it’ll be higher than the current price, so consider that an incentive to buy the current edition. Smile
Many thanks to the thousands of readers who have bought the first edition of my book! I hope you have found a job of your liking after reading my book and visiting this blog.
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