No Book Update Planned (outdated entry)

Update from August 2010: Actually a 2nd edition is in the works and will be available by end of 2010. See the announcement here.
A few readers of my quant career book have written to inquire whether I plan to update it, now it’s been over two years since its publication and things have changed a lot. Currently I have no plans to update it, for two reasons: first, most of its contents are still relevant, from writing a solid resume to doing well at job interviews to how to prepare for a quant career; second, I don’t have the time to update it, as I’m planning career moves as well as doing some prep research work on a book on Beethoven’s music. So, I think the book is still solid and relevant at this point; just keep in mind that the old-type quant jobs have all but disappeared, replaced by quant development positions, especially as the quant field is increasingly dominated by hedge funds.
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