Common Mistake: Putting It Off

Common Mistake #9: putting off job search
We all like to procrastinate, but when it comes to job search, the early birds do get the jobs.
While many employers would like to interview as many candidates as possible for a given position, equally many are eager to find the first qualified candidate and make the offer. This saves the employer money and energy. (After all, most Wall Stret firms prefer their quantitative workers do real quantitative work rather than interviewing job seekers.) Even for employers who interview many candidates before reaching a decision, the early comers may have a slight advantage: after interviewing more than 10 candidates, all of them begin to look the same, and it’s usually the first few that interviewers remember well, rather than the latest interviewees.
So, whether you’re a couch potato or late-night gamer, if you need a job, start your search now. Visit your school’s career office. Visit a career website like Do something. Don’t just sit around waiting for the job to come to you. It won’t. You need to go out and look. It’s that simple. If you think I sound like your mom or dad, hey, it’s only because life ain’t fair or easy for most of us.
‘Nuf said. Good luck!
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