Reader Sharing Interview Experience

A spirited reader from NY shares her winter interview experience. Amid the tough job market conditions, her perseverence finally paid off:

Just some update about my job search. I got an offer in portfolio risk management from a [Wall Street firm], and I’ve accepted it. This is sth exactly that I was looking for, and I’m happy about it. I still remember the tough interview process earlier this year, as if it were all yesterday – flying to NYC from my town for final rounds by bumpy bumpy flights every week; getting to airport only to find flights canceled or delayed; having to run fast w/ uncomfortable high heels + w/ hurting feet (huh~, guys r so lucky~) thru big snow, afraid of slipping to the ground; developed a constant fear of missing phone calls w/ area code 212; staying up until 3am at least to sign up interviews on [school’s career service website]; having to skip lectures; checking emails 5 times a day anxious for interview results; getting onto every morning fearing any bad news about wall st or the economy as a whole; [snip]

Congratulations! And good luck to everyone else who’s still on the hunt. (And remember, never forget to have a "Plan B"!)

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