Interview Question: Forming an Committee

Sample Question #275 (probability theory)
A couple of questions back we met a geeky quant finance society. The senior members of the society decided to form a social committee among the new members. There are 17 male new members and 3 female new members. The social committee will consist of two guys and two girls.
How many ways are there to form such a committee?
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3 Responses to Interview Question: Forming an Committee

  1. quantyst says:

    Apparently Quant Career poster (below) got the question wrong, maybe a typo in his/her answer.The committee consists of exactly four members (2 guys + 2 girls).  So, the correct answer is C(17,2)*C(3,2) = 408.

  2. Brett says:

    quantst, you’re absolutely right!  I’ll amend the original answer. 🙂

  3. Brett says:

    This is a basic cominatorics question.
    There are C(17,2) ways to pick two guys and C(3,2) ways to pick two girls, so the total number of ways to form the social committee is simply C(17,2)*C(3,2).
    [Thanks to "quantst" for pointing the typo in the originally posted answer]

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