Get My Book for Under $11

OK, a bit of self-promotion here. I just came across this and got excited, so I wanted to share it with my blog visitors who hadn’t read my book yet. Smile carries my book, "Starting Your Career as a Wall Street Quant." With standard shiping, the total cost is $20.75. But if you open a new Google Checkout account, you save $10 on your first order, so the net cost is only $10.75 including shipping. ships fast to most places in the states.
For real reader reviews of the book, please visit its Amazon product page.
Enjoy the book and I hope you find it helpful!
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2 Responses to Get My Book for Under $11

  1. ChrisPS3 says:

    You forgot to give the link:
    BTW- does anyone know how many google checkout accounts I can sign up?

  2. Andy says:

    I added your book to our master reading list for MFE but I have not read it yet. One of our members posted a review on

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