Interview Question: Find the Pattern

Sample Question #267 (brainteaser)
Find the whole number that best completes the sequence below:
6,2 = 4
8,4 = 3
12,6 = 3
16,4 = ?
You have exactly one minute.
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4 Responses to Interview Question: Find the Pattern

  1. Brett says:

    Each line is A/B+1=C, so the answer is 5.

  2. Unknown says:

    I agree.  I thought of it slightly differently:
    (A+B)/B = C, so the answer is 5.  If you divide both numerator and denominator on the left hand side by B I arrive at your answer.

  3. Brett says:

    (A+B)/B=A/B+1.  🙂
    BTW, this question may have seemed trivial, but it’s a good exercise for learning how to do a mathematical induction.

  4. yuejuan says:

    easy. answer is 5

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