Interview Question: Deciphering Code

Sample Question #266 (programming – C++)
What does the following C/C++ code do?
(Hint: break this down into separate statements)
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5 Responses to Interview Question: Deciphering Code

  1. Brett says:


    This swaps the values of x and y, without using a temporary variable!
    (Comment: this kind of coding interpretation question is increasingly common at quant interviews)

  2. says:

    This is elegant!Happy Chinese new year Brett!

  3. Nathan says:

    It does whatever the compiler feels like, as this is undefined in C++.
    use std::swap(x, y); instead. it’s better anyways since you’ll get:
    a) well known case for compiler optimization — no code, just "renamed" registers/pointers. a nop.
    b) fewer pipeline stalls. 0 if the compiler can use (a). this = lower cpi = faster performance
    c) well defined behavior according to the C++ language specification :^)

  4. J says:

    All the best Brett, in lunar new year! Thanks for sharing and your book is really great! I have been reading it for long.

  5. Handong says:

    This type of code is typical bad code from programing point of view. 1. This code is so called "write-only" code. It adds difficulty to maintain and/or debug.2. What happens if x+y overflows?Like other poster has pointed out. It always better to call swap than writing code like this. The only advantage of this code bragging right.

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