Good Music Saves Lousy Days (a random entry)

It’s been really busy at work — and my mind is constantly numb from mindless Perl programming tasks. It’s also been quite cold, made worse by chilly winds, here in Boston.
My escape from this harsh reality in which I live is listening to Beethoven’s string quartets (such as this excellent Alban Berg Quartet recording). While I love both Western classical music and Chinese music of various kinds and periods, my favorite music, by far, is symphonies, string quartets, violin sonatas, piano sonatas, and various concertos composed by Beethoven. Doing tedious quant-related tasks really makes me feel lousy at times, but Beethoven’s highly spiritual, greatly profound and utterly engaging music always injects much-needed energy, and spirit, into my workday. Of course, some of his music, especially some of the string quartet movements, throws me into an emotional abyss from which I find it difficult to recover, let alone do real work!
BTW, my favorite Beethoven string quartet is his Op. 127, although lately I’ve been obsessed with his Grosse Fuge (Op. 133)…  Absolutely mysterious yet absolutely wonderful.
Here’s wishing a nice Thanksgiving to all my U.S.-based visitors.
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