Get Your Wii!

When I’m not working, updating this blog, answering reader e-mails, sleeping, or tending to the demands of my toddler Charlie, I enjoy playing video games. I have most modern consoles but only today was I able to buy a Nintendo Wii, which has been very hard to find due to high demand and tight supply. I finally bought it a few minutes ago on [UPDATE: it went out of stock barely 15 minutes after I first published this entry]

I can’t wait for my Wii to arrive on Thursday! (Hopefully my lingering wrist pains won’t prevent me from playing on the new toy!)

A few days ago I got the new PSP Slim (aka PSP-2000), which is so much better than the original PSP. I love it!

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2 Responses to Get Your Wii!

  1. heath says:

    Is it purely coincidental or does it have something to do with Halo 3 release

  2. Brett says:

    Haha, purely coincidental. I was checking the Amazon product page regularly to see if the Wii was in stock. It took me 4 months of regular checking to be able to finally order one! (Maybe I should have ordered more and sold them for a profit!)

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