Interview Question: Advanced SAS Data Processing

Sample Question #162 (programming – SAS)

In SAS, how do you loop through individual observations? For instance, imagine we have a dataset a that has T observations on one variable, price. How do you process each price observation individually (i.e., doing something specific to each price data point), as opposed to treating all the T observations as a group?

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7 Responses to Interview Question: Advanced SAS Data Processing

  1. Brett says:

    Use the _N_ automatic variable within a FOR loop in a DATA step.

  2. chenjiao says:

    how to change a student of automation to a quant?
    just a pass-by,i came to this blog coz i am curious abt it

  3. Brett says:

    Candor, to be a quant you need to acquire some quantitative skills in the areas of math, applied math, or statistics. You don’t need to know everything, but mastery of topics in at least one of the three disciplines is crucial. You should also be good at C++ programming. In a sense, what you’re studying for major is not that important, as long as you can gain and demonstrate strong quantitative skills. The sample questions on this blog reflect the wide range of potential quantititive topics Wall Street quants deal with every day.
    My book has more details on how to become a quant. Good luck!

  4. chenjiao says:

    i appreciate your immediate reply.
    frankly speaking,i wanna apply the MFE program this year ,i wanna be U.S next year.But i am always confused abt how to become a good applicant and what can help me go through all.the maybe the major reason to keey an eye on this’s areally helpful and amazing blog actually,i mean it.
    i have learnt C, C++,data structure,matlab,Mathematicas related to this program,but i am not good at them actually,it can’t become my strength.
    thanks for your time.can you add my msn,i will leave it here=D

  5. chenjiao says:

    Sorry,there are so typo=p 

  6. Brett says:

    Hi, Candor.  For MFE programs in the U.S., you need to demonstrate 1) you took quantitative courses before, 2) you did reasonably well in school, 3) you’re eager to become a quant, and 4) you have good recommendation letters from your professors.  You may also need to take an admissions test like GRE and do well.  Finally, the essay ("why do you want to attend our MFE program?") is extremely important.

  7. chenjiao says:

    yeah,i will take GRE and GRE math subject next month,and i will do well.i’m sure.
    also thx a lot,i think it’s too i delete your reply on my blog.
    if u wanna plz add my
    i will appreciate it very much.
    you are a chinese,am i right?so i talk to u in chinese,it will make me feeling good.

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