Interview Question: Thinking Like a 4th Grader

Sample Question #151 (brainteaser)

The crude drawing below depicts a school bus. In which direction, left or right, do you think the bus is traveling? Explain your answer.


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5 Responses to Interview Question: Thinking Like a 4th Grader

  1. Brett says:

    When this question was posed to a group of 4th graders somewhere in America (or maybe it was an IQ question for 4th graders), they all said "left."  When asked why, they all said "because you can’t see the door."  (In America, bus doors are only on the right side of the bus.)
    So, did you do as well as the 4th graders?
    This is an excellent example of thinking simple and thinking outside-the-box (most adults will think about headlights, symmetry of the wheels, aerodynamics, etc., even from a crude picture like this!)

  2. Wu Chao says:

    a smart answer by the boy.

  3. Fwang says:

    shoot. you got me.
    i was thinking left only b/c the right end is bumping up as the bus rear always does. (right tire is lower than the left one) 
    i fell on the symmetry trap.. 

  4. Brett says:

    Haha, BTW don’t feel bad, this question just proves that adults think differently from kids, plus those of us not born in the U.S. probably never took a schoolbus to work!  (I walked and then biked to school when I was a kid in Guilin, China.) 

  5. Chunsheng says:

    Wow boys have good observations. I was thinking of left coz the first box looks like the window next to drivers — drivers’ seats are usually taller.

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