Interview Question: Subtle Problem

Sample Question #123 (programming – R)

What’s wrong with the following R code segment? Here "mm" is an N x K dataset that’s already read into memory and "prc" is one of the variables in "mm".

if (av >= 50) { pg = "large" }

[Question courtesy of Dr. Charles Qin of ITG]

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One Response to Interview Question: Subtle Problem

  1. Brett says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the syntax itself. The problem arises if the last row number of mm is less than 59. Say mm has only 30 rows. Then ss will have values from mm in the first 30 rows, but R will fill the rest of ss with missing values.  This means av will evaluate to missing (unlike in, say, SAS).  Then the if statement will fail as R cannot evaluate the boolean.

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