Very Useful Tool: Online Talking Dictionary

Regardless of whether English is your native language, there’s no doubt that you often, or occasionally, come across an English word that you cannot pronounce. I highly recommend you bookmark the Encarta Online Dictionary at (which redirects to Not only does this free online dictionary give you easy-to-understand definitions, but features a natural text-to-speech engine that speaks the word out aloud to you.

Incidentally, the Encarta Dictionary has an entry for the word "quant"!

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3 Responses to Very Useful Tool: Online Talking Dictionary

  1. dean says:

    Hi Brett,I just finished reading your book and it was very informative. I want to ask a few questions. I have a bachelors in finance and now I can’t get into any financial engineering programs because I need a lot of advanced math. Should I go get a BS degree in mathematics or a BS in computer science, or a BS in software engineering? Thanks a lot

  2. Brett says:

    Hi, Dean!  Thanks for reading my book and leaving a nice comment!  I appreciate it.
    If you want to be a quant, additional coursework in math and/or applied math will be very helpful.  I don’t know if it’s easy for you to get another bachelor’s; if so, go for it.  And don’t forget to apply to MFE programs before the deadlines. 🙂
    If you’re not sure about being a quant, I think a BS in either CS or SE will allow you to work in IT in many different industries: finance, dotcom, software, biotech, … anything.  Of course, that’s assuming you like programming.  🙂
    Whichever you choose to do, be sure to pick up good C++ skills, which are essential even for pure quant shops on Wall Street.
    Good luck!  (BTW you can always reach me at my e-mail quantcareer @t hotmail).

  3. dean says:

    Hi Brett,Thank you for responding and providing me with your email. Don’t wanna sound like an ingratiating sycophant, but when something is great, I have to give adulation. Your book is probably by far the best investment I’ve made since it covers every topic a potential quant needs to know. I am starting out with a degree in plain finance which won’t get me into any MFE programs and your advice is invaluable to me. dean

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