Quantitative Finance Master’s Programs – List Compiled by Global Derivatives

A quant finance website called Global Derivatives has compiled a very impressive list of quantitative finance master’s programs (variously known as mathematical finance, financial mathematics, financial engineering, mathematical financial engineering, quantitative financial engineering, etc. programs — often just referred to as "MFE programs") around the world. What’s really cool is they actually summarize the features of each program, making it easy for perspective applicants to get a sense of what these programs are like.

The list can be accessed by clicking here. To see the feature summary of a program, click the View link on the right. To go to the program’s website, click the program name itself.

They also have a listing of quantitative finance Ph.D. programs here.

[Source: thanks to user "hhy" of the MITBBS.com quant forum for this great information]

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