A Small Favor Asked

Dear Visitor,
If you like this blog and find it useful (or entertaining, or both!), please click on one of the "sponsored ads" in the right-hand column once in a while. The ads are enclosed in a bordered frame between the "Bookstore" and "Profile" sections and are served by a company called Kanoodle.
Without enough visitor clicks, my sponsored-ad account at Kanoodle will get deactivated.  Of course, please do not click the ads like crazy, or they’ll suspect that I’m committing ad-click fraud!
Do I make any money from the click-throughs? Not really, but the few dollars raised will help me pay for the hosting of the Quant Career website (www.quantcareer.com), which, admittedly, is under-developed at this time.
Thanks very much!  And please add your comments to my guest book or blog entries.  You can also e-mail me at quantcareer @t hotmail with your comments and/or questions.  I hope you continue to enjoy this blog!
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One Response to A Small Favor Asked

  1. Wu Chao says:

    sure, I will try to click it each day when I visit your web page.I thought some of us dare not visit such kind of advertisement page because we are afraid of internet virus. I seldom open a website I do not know well. Or at least it comes from a creditable link.

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