Interview Question: Mystic Constructions

Sample Question #98 (programming – C++)

Suppose a String class has the following private members:

class String
      char * str;
      int len;
   //… rest of definition

1) What’s wrong with this default constructor?

String::String() {}

2) What’s wrong with this constructor?

String::String(const char * s)
   strcpy(str, s);
   len = strlen(s);

[Taken from review question 12.1 in Prata, C++ Primer Plus, 5th ed.]

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3 Responses to Interview Question: Mystic Constructions

  1. Brett says:

    1) str is a pointer, so this constructor leaves the str pointer uninitialized. (Okay, then, what should you do to correct this error?)
    2) Really the same as #1 – you cannot copy a string without allocating space to store it.

  2. Marcos Alberto says:

    You are right, that is true unless you specify with a compiler switch to initialize all variables to 0, this is useful for such class of mistakes.

  3. Wu Chao says:

    I need to work out the problems after each chapter in this book. The book is so thick.

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