Common Mistake: The Forgotten Note

Common Mistake #2: forget to send a post-interview thank-you note

Some people regard the practice of sending a post-interview thank-you note as passé. I beg to disagree — and many interviewers will agree with me. Sending a thank-you note serves two important purposes, either of which on its own can tip the balance in your favor, so to speak.

  1. It’s a sign of appreciation and respect, and interviewers will be pleased that you show them appreciation and respect, and that you remember them after the interview.
  2. It reminds the interviewer of who you are and why you deserve the job.

It’s so easy to write a thank-you note that it’ll be scandalous to not write one. My book has an example. Just keep it short, keep it courteous, and keep it to the point — the point being your qualifications for the job.

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