Announcement: Quant Career Bookstore ™ Is Up

Utilizing’s aStore service, I’ve set up my own Quant Career Bookstore (TM).

The Quant Career Bookstore (TM) serves two purposes:

  1. To provide visitors with a comprehensive list of quant finance-related books
  2. To allow visitors to order the books they want from

Please note that I have not read most of the books, and a book’s presence in the bookstore does not necessarily mean I recommend it (and I don’t endorse any book except my own book). For a recommended reading list, please see chapter 7 of my book.

Visit the Quant Career Bookstore (TM) now to see if any of the books interests you. Let me know if you have found a quant book worth reading that isn’t currently carried in the Quant Career Bookstore. Thanks!

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