2008 ASSA Meeting: New Orleans

If you are a grad student and read my book "Starting Your Career as a Wall Street Quant" (buy from Amazon.com), you know how important the ASSA (Allied Social Science Associations) annual meeting is for finding a quant job.
The 2008 ASSA meeting will be held Jan. 4 – 6, 2008, in New Orleans, La, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. Here’s how you can get ready to go:
1. Join the American Finance Association (AFA) at http://www.afajof.org/membership/join.asp — the student online-only membership is in fact free! Be sure to give them your regular e-mail address.
2. Sometime in September you should receive an e-mail announcement of the annual meeting, together with hotel discounts for AFA members.
If you plan to attend the 2008 ASSA meeting, be sure to check the following two job posting pages regularly; many employers that recruit at the ASSA meeting post job ads on these pages.
 a) AFA finance recruiting: http://www.afajof.org/association/jobs.asp
 b) AEA Job Openings for Economists: http://www.aeaweb.org/joe/
(Both sites are given in my book, where I recommend you check them regularly regardless of whether you plan to attend the ASSA meeting.)
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One Response to 2008 ASSA Meeting: New Orleans

  1. Wu Chao says:

    Thanks for the information. I like your interview questions.

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