One Question a Day, What Do You Say?

Starting today, I’ll post one technical question each day on this blog. Depending on the question itself, I may post a hint. In the future, I’ll archive old questions on the book’s companion website ( along with answers to select questions.
I keep the daily questions and the archive separate, so you get a chance to solve them on your own first.    I hope you like this arrangement.  (Plus, it’s not easy to update the website, at least not as easy as updating this blog.)
Today’s question is… (drumroll, please)
Sample Question #1 (statistics)
How do you test whether a data sample is normal or not?
[Comment: this tests your knowledge in basic statistics; there are several different methods to test normality.]
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2 Responses to One Question a Day, What Do You Say?

  1. Brett says:

    BTW, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of the daily sample questions via the RSS feed icon next to "Sample Qs" under the heading "Categories" in the lefthand column of this page. By subscribing, you’ll get automatic updates via an RSS reader or Internet Explorer 7.
    You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of this entire blog. It’s your choice. 🙂

  2. Wu Chao says:

    We can use the normal probability plot to test it. If it is a straight line, then it is well normally distributed.  Sometimes, we use histogram to check the shape of the distribution which gives us the idea how it looks like.

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