Book Now Available at Amazon!

Finally, after week-after-week of anxious waiting, my book "Starting Your Career as a Wall Street Quant" is now available for sale on  The link is
Availability for ordering on (Barnes & Noble’s website) is expected soon.
After you buy 🙂 and read the book, please send me your valuable comments. Thanks!
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2 Responses to Book Now Available at Amazon!

  1. Poh Weng says:

    Hi Brett,
    I’ve just read your book. Firstly, thanks for writing such a informative and useful book.
    For someone like myself, who is already in the finance industry and working as an energy analyst (partial quant), I would appreciate if the book comes with a bit more samples on different types of work/analysis that quants do in different areas. That would be useful for me to then decide whether I would like a career change into those areas, etc.
    Also, I’m just wondering if you could do a review on this book (highly rated in Amazon) on your blog: The Complete Guide to Capital Markets for Quantitative Professionals (Mcgraw-Hill Library Investment and Finance) by Alex KutznetsovKeep up the good work. Thanks again.

  2. Brett says:

    Hi, PW!  Thanks very much for reading my book and leaving a comment here.
    1) You’re absolutely right.  I definitely should have given more concrete examples.  I kind of just left things in the "you know quants do quantitative analysis!" mode.  I should have provided more examples.  Overall, quants can do a) research, meaning investigating potential models for solving a specific problem such as structuring a fixed income portfolio or creating a risk-neutral hedging position, b) datamining, meaning sifting through data to find some patterns, c) trading, meaning coming up with profitable trading models and finding ways to make real money, and d) technical support, meaning providing quantitative analytic support for products and/or services.  There are also "quant developers" who focus on writing quantitative programs, such as a proprietary version of the Black-Scholes or a trade-secret trading strategy.
    2) I’ve seen the book and I think it’s too heavily geared towards IT guys.  If I remember correctly, two of the four parts of the book talk about infrastructure, which does not concern most quants.  A better book on market structure is by Larry Harris; see my Quant Career Bookstore for the title.  I haven’t seen a good book on the tools quants use; it’s mainly because quants use very different tools in their lines of work, from C++ compilers to SAS to Python to Excel to some proprietary platform.  I do recommend the Harris book for an intro look to trading and exchanges, although his book largely ignores fixed income markets.

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