Looking for a Job? Make Sure You Have a Cell Phone

Consider this an obvious tip: if you are looking for a quant job, make sure you get a cell phone, so you don’t miss important calls. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one, and the plan doesn’t have to be expensive (just make sure the allowed daytime minutes will cover your job-hunting calls).
Phone brands I recommend include Motorola (available for all the carriers), Kyocera (Verizon Wireless), Sanyo (Sprint with Nextel), and Sony Ericsson (GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile). Unfortunately it’s hard to recommend a carrier as they all suck; just find the cheapest plan. Amazon.com is a good place to start as they have great deals — rebates when you sign a two-year contract — and they are honest and have great customer service.
What cell phone do I have? I actually have two: my voice phone is the very capable Sanyo M1 for Sprint; it’s a power phone that has tons of advanced features, including lots of memory and a 2MP digital camera/camcorder. I also have a mobile Internet device, the Sharp Sidekick 3 for T-Mobile, which I use for on-the-go e-mail and Internet access.
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2 Responses to Looking for a Job? Make Sure You Have a Cell Phone

  1. Wu Chao says:

    Brett, do you want an Iphone?

  2. Brett says:

    Not yet… I think I want the upcoming super-thin Treo… 🙂

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