Will There Be an E-Book Edition?

So, will there be an e-book edition of my upcoming book, "Starting Your Career as a Wall Street Quant"?
The answer is a bit complicated.  I really wanted to produce a secure PDF version of my book ("secure" here means the book won’t be copy-and-pastable or printable, for obvious reasons).  After all, a lot of my potential readers will be eager to pick up the book now and read up on all the juicy job-hunting tips the book dispenses.
Unfortunately, selling an e-book has tax consequences — income tax and sales tax — which neither my small biz, Abcot Press (www.abcotpress.com) nor I myself am prepared to deal with at this point.  In the near term, I will produce a free e-book with excerpts from the paperback book itself.  Sometime in the future (hopefully not too far), I think I will make an e-book version available for sale.
Your feedback on this matter is most welcome.
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